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OPAlbenga is an  organization founded by a close circle of highly specialized growers aiming at improving the production,  the image and  the commercialisation of their products.

In  order  to guarantee theirs clients high qualitystandards, some of  our producers took part in environmental  programmes, such  as EUREPGAP and MPS, gaining, first in  Italy, the prestigious certification “EUREPGAP for  pot plants for cooking
Others, on  the other hand, followed  the way of  the biological production,  and  somebody else  paid more attention to the maximum residue levels of plant protection products (MRLs).

To do  that they plough into their  companies, by the  construction  of new production systems  which respect the environment and observe the European regulations.Thanks to  our favourable weather conditions and thanks to  the sun of the Ligurian  Riviera our plants grow outside becoming  stronger  and more vigorous.
All these features allowed  us  to guarantee our  final consumer a higher  quality  product,  with more organoleptic and officinal  properties; a  product, branded  



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